So you think you might like to engage in a mission travel opportunity offered by St. Luke’s? These trips can be life changing, so we offer this introduction as you prayerfully consider your decision and the type of trip that will be the best fit for you.

(Check back occasionally for upcoming mission trips if none appear after clicking the link.)

Upcoming Mission Trips

Craig Greenfield is a long term missionary in the slums of Cambodia.  He talked about short-term mission trips in two different categories:

Vision (or Exposure) Trips - a focused intentional time where we ask God to open our hearts to the plight of the poor.  What the eye has not seen the heart cannot grieve over. So, it's natural that when people find themselves face to face with poverty for the first time, something significant happens. The rest of our lives are irrevocably shaped by what we have witnessed. We gain Vision.

Learning Exchanges - a time when our theology and understanding of the world is rocked to the core and deconstructed. When we travel as learners, eager to have our minds expanded and preconceptions challenged, we will not be disappointed. This category includes those who travel as part of their vocation - as a builder, surgeon or dentist for example - but are open to learning from and passing on expertise to others in another country.

As you consider one of our trips – we hope you will long to discover the transformation that happens when you allow yourself to step into another person’s world and learn and grow with them.