Growing in and sharing our faith is a life-long commitment. Like any journey, it starts with that first step. And like any journey, that first step is followed by the next step. We want to help you identify the steps that propel your faith journey forward.

Small Groups

At St. Luke's, we want to help you connect with a group that studies, serves with and cares for each other. Watch for opportunities during Lent and Advent, especially, for groups that form to dive a little deeper in these seasons of great importance to Christians.

Learn more about small groups.

Contact Dorothy Eads, Administrative Assistant, Adult Discipleship, by email or phone 317-846-3404 x332 for more information on upcoming small group opportunities.

Welcome Others

You might feel ready to be part of the Hospitality Team that welcomes other newcomers even as you were welcomed.

Contact Terri Coe, Director of New Here, by email  or phone 317-846-3404 x308 to learn more about the hospitality team.

Serve Others

SERVE with others by joining a volunteer team in a short or longer-term Outreach project that interests you.

Contact Andrea Leadford, Coordinator of Outreach by email or phone 317-846-3404 x305 to learn more about serving opportunities.

Faith Basics

Maybe you feel like you need to learn a little more before you leap into action. We get it. We have a number of classes designed to help you learn more about this church, what membership means and how to take some of the first steps on your faith journey. 

Contact Terri Coe, Director of New Here Ministry by  or phone 317-846-3404 x308 for ideas on your first steps of faith.

Lifelong Learning

Perhaps you've been part of a faith community for a long time, but you are new to St. Luke's. We can help you find opportunities that suit your experience as well.

Learn more about adult learning opportunities.

Contact Eric Burton-Krieger, Pastor of Adult Discipleship by  or phone 317-846-3404 x312 to learn more about lifelong learning opportunities.

We look forward to coming alongside you for whatever your next steps might be.