Finding Myself in the Story of Race 
with Debby Irving 
Sunday, April 22, 4-7PM 
Dinner included, $10, Great Hall, reservations required Click here to register.
Author and lecturer Debby Irving brings her personal journey into what it is to be white in a culture that thinks race is about being black. Her book, Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race is in the Connections bookstore. Invite your neighbor, small group or co-worker to join you for a Maggiano’s Italian Restaurant catered dinner and open your eyes, ears and heart to the important message she brings about privileges that come from being white. 


Dinner 5:30-6:15PM | Great Hall 
Everyone is invited to our Wednesday Night Live dinner buffet that is open from 5:30-6:15PM. No reservation is needed. Plan to give a $5 donation for dinner.


6:15-7:30PM | Fellowship Hall
St. Luke’s is offering three Wednesday nights of informative classes on the topic of race. There are children’s and youth activities plus childcare for kids up to kindergarten. If you would like to use childcare, please email Becky Volk at to reserve your spot. No class registration is required.

  • April 11
    Cultural IQ Assessment 
    led by Arlene Coleman 
    Ever wondered how culturally aware you really are?  Maybe you eat at Panda Express or watch a sub-titled movie occasionally. Does this really mean you are culturally aware? Join us on April 11 for an informative, non-threatening, Cultural IQ test. You will be made aware of places in your life where you can stretch to broaden your perspective. Your personal test results will be given back to you the same night so that you may create goals for your future story as a cultural attaché.  We’ll provide a whole list of movies/books/restaurants for exploration as well.
  • APRIL 18
    Black•ish episode on “The Talk” 
    Led by Andrea Leadford 
    Our Associate Director of Outreach Ministries knows what it is like to have “The Talk” with her son every time he leaves their home. “The Talk” is a conversation that is a fundamental part of raising children if you happen to be black in America, even in a predominantly white, low-crime community.  Come and watch Emmy-nominated comedy blackish as they tackle this topic.  Andrea will lead conversation following the twenty minute sitcom episode. 
  • APRIL 25
    What now? How can we continue Finding Ourselves in the Story of Race? 
    Led by Richard Bellaver & Gustanna Moss-Chaney 
    Ever wonder what you can do to make an impact on race in our country? Tired of talking about issues that face us as a church and society and not doing something? Join Richard Bellaver and Gustanna Moss-Chaney as they share many opportunities for people to engage in race relations ministry. They will share their experiences of leading “race-dialogue” circles around the state of Indiana.  Moss-Chaney, co-organizer with Bellaver, has done diversity and racial awareness training for two decades said, “It can be difficult, but every time I think of stepping away, the thought that people are more powerful together than separated pulls me back.”


SUNDAY APRIL 29, 12-2:30PM 
St. Luke’s hopes that 200-300 of you will join in a prayer walk on Sunday, April 29 after worship. Enjoy a quick lunch in the Great Hall at noon ($5), and receive training and assignments for how to participate in the walk. You will be given a card with specific prayers you can pray silently or aloud. In teams, we will travel to and pray in the Crooked Creek neighborhood and in all five of the elementary schools we regularly support. This is a great opportunity for people of all ages, even families with small children. 
Andrea Leadford, Associate Director of Outreach Ministries, will give the instructions.Click here to Register for the Prayer Walk.


Options you might consider to expand your perspective in the month of April.

    The Secret Life of Bees, Hidden Figures, Black Panther, Get Out and Glory Road
  • BOOKS: 
    Black Like Me, Can We Talk About Race?, Between the World and Me, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents, Same Kind of Different As Me
    Mississippi Belle (soul food), Cafe Korea, Amber Indian, Sawasdee (Thai) and Al Ba-sha (Middle Eastern)

Unite Indy 
Deeply touched by the effects of poverty, poor education, unemployment, fatherless families, homelessness, violent crime, substance abuse, mental illness and other major issues that plague people in their own community, Jim and Nancy Cotterill (St. Luke's Members) founded UNITE INDY to raise awareness and resources to meet needs of those in inner city Indianapolis. Click here for more information.

Small Group Opportunities for the Month of April

Lenten Small Groups are invited to continue to meet for another 3-4 weeks. Groups can chose what they would like to study. One option is to continue with sermon discussion guides that will be provided. In addition, several other options are listed below that you can use to explore the themes of race and privilege today. Learn about the details of these options in your small group.

  • BOOK STUDYWaking Up White by Debbie Irving (4 weeks).
  • TEDTALKS with discussion (3-4 weeks). There will be several suggestions for your group.
  • RACE AND THE POWER OF ILLUSION - PBS special in 3 parts (3 weeks)

Also, If you’d like to join a new small group in April (studying any of these topics or the sermons) see the information below. For more information about Small Groups click here.

New Small Groups

Next Small Group Launch
On April 8th we’ll have an opportunity for you to join a new small group. Stop by the table in the West Passage after the 8:15 or 9:30AM services or join us at noon in Fellowship Hall for lunch to meet group hosts and choose your group. We’re asking for a 4 week commitment and for study; you’ll discuss each week’s sermon. Contact Dorothy Eads with any questions and to RSVP for lunch.

Additional Opportunities for Spiritual Growth in April

Our Sunday AM classes meet every week of the year and are always open to new people. Simply drop in! Childcare provided for Sunday options. Visit a Connect Here booth or stlukesumc.com for more information. Books available in Connections bookstore.

The Prodigal God 
Sundays | April 8 – May 13 | 9:30AM | N101 
Led by Susanne Baughman

Christianity’s Family Tree 
Sundays | April 15 – May 27 | 10:45AM | Parlor 
Led by Scott Arant

Is it Time? Helping Laity and Clergy Discuss Homosexuality One Question at a Time 
Wednesdays | April 4 – April 18 | 10-11:30AM | Parlor 
Led by Adolf Hansen

Praying in the Messiness of Life 
Wednesdays | April 11 – May 9 | 12–1PM | SLC 
Led by Susan Fuquay
Click here to register.

Questions of Our Time 
Wednesdays | April 11 – May 9 | Parlor | 6:15-7:30PM 
Led by Bev Gallagher & Mindie Moore
Click here to register.