The Lord Has Need of It

This weekend we celebrate Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week. Jesus entered Jerusalem as a king. He was buried as a criminal by the end of the week. The events took everyone by surprise, except Jesus. He knew what was ahead and even...

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Sacrifice vs. Offering

This Sunday we are thinking about service. Jesus identified himself as a servant who came for that very reason, to serve. This is our example. But if serving others isn’t real appealing to us, imagine what it was like in Jesus’ day...

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The Power of Presence

I am completing the manuscript for a book on Martin Luther. I begin the chapter on Luther's period of refuge at Wartburg Castle with this story...   Early in my ministry I worked as an associate pastor under a seasoned veteran senior...

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Doing Right Things

Years ago I heard a speaker define the difference between management and leadership this way: doing things right versus doing the right things. Whether you agree with their decision or not we saw the international chain, Dick's Sporting Goods...

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