Parents, we know life is hectic. Whether you are changing diapers, driving tweens all around town, or just trying to make sure everyone has clean socks, finding space to connect with others and grow in your faith can feel impossible. But what if you could set aside just a couple of hours a month, share a meal, and quality conversation with other parents who know exactly where you’re coming from? What if you could find just a bit of time to grow in your faith and build deep friendships with people from church that go beyond the walls on a Sunday morning?

That’s the vision of Kitchen Table Groups. It’s a different kind of small group experience, designed just for busy parents.

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    Kitchen Table Group Content

    Month 2: October

    THINK about it, and discuss as a group:

    1. How often do you find yourself saying “I don’t have enough time”? What is normally going on in your life when you say this?

    2. Where do you find your identity? In work, kids, something that you do? How does this shape how you spend your time?

    3. When you think of a “balanced” life- what does that bring to mind?

    PRAY on it:

    Pray that God would show you the areas of your life where things are out of balance, and ask for grace for yourself as you work toward a more whole rhythm.

    ACT on it:

    Spend time between now and the next time your group meets developing a rhythm of life with your family. You can find lots of examples of this online, but the basic idea is that a healthy rhythm of life has room for spiritual nourishment, recreation, and doing the things we all need to do. You can share this with your group the next time you are together.

    Month 1: September