St. Luke’s provides service well beyond the walls of our church thanks to the collaboration with our partners in ministry.  

Each ministry partner is led by a "relationship manager" from the congregation.  To learn more about any of our partners, including how to help support their ministry, please contact the ministry partner relationship manager listed or email Outreach Ministries for more information.

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    Unite Indy

    If you would like to follow the Holy Spirit's leading to your next Volunteer experience, UNITE INDY is the place to visit. We provide an entire universe of Volunteer Opportunities to St. Luke’s UMC members by connecting you directly with hundreds of urban churches and ministries serving those in need right here in our own community. 
    For more information, visit, and click on Volunteer Opportunities.
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    Project Transformation

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    Mission:  to engage young adults in purposeful leadership and ministry, support children in holistic development, and connect churches with communities.
    Project Transformation Indiana launched in 2017 to address three unique challenges with one program: 1) how to meet the academic, physical, social-emotional, and spiritual needs of children from low-income communities, 2) how to provide meaningful ways for college-age young adults to explore ministry opportunities and develop as young principled leaders for the church and the world; and 3) how to help revitalize churches in under-served communities.
    For more information, contact Sarah Fuquay
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    Crooked Creek Food Pantry

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    Mission:  Crooked Creek Food Pantry (CCFP) seeks to serve and invest in the Crooked Creek community service area by operating a client choice food pantry, providing nutritional education, and building relationships to support family needs.

    Location: 6940 N. Michigan in the Eskenazii Health Center Pecar  

    Crooked Creek Food Pantry needs you! Although only three years old, the Pantry is now serving about 1,300 families per month, with that demand continuing to grow. Marion County has the state’s highest percentage of residents with food insufficiency, so the Pantry is doing as much as possible to wage the fight. In June the Pantry moved down the hall at the Eskenazi Health Pecar Clinic at 6940 Michigan Road, more than doubling its shopping and storeroom space and adding new freezers and refrigerators which give it even more physical capacity to fight hunger. But to continue to wage that fight effectively, the Pantry needs more volunteers to assist on shopping days and to help gather food donations and purchases from the stores which support the Pantry. It takes over 100 volunteers a week to operate the Pantry at full staff, so, there are many ways to serve and you can make a difference by stepping up be a part of the volunteer team.

    Please contact Sylvia Forbes and tell her “I want to help!” 


    Wednesdays: 2-6PM
    Thursdays: 3-6PM
    Fridays: 10AM-12PM and 2-4PM
    2nd Saturday of each month, 10AM-1PM 

    Crooked Creek Food Pantry Needs:

    • Take a red CCFP bag from church, fill it with groceries and return it to door 7 at St. Luke's.  Requested food items are:  canned beans, rice, canned meat (tuna, chicken etc.), canned pineapple or mandarin oranges and chunky soups.
    • Serve during one of the shifts.  Kids over 15 years of age can work
      independently; kids under 15 must be paired with an adult.  
    • Organize a food drive at your school, work or civic group.
    • Give a financial donation.  $9.50 funds one person for a month



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    Dove House

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    Mission: The Dove Recovery House is committed to empowering women to become substance free, self-sufficient, and healthy, by providing safe housing, quality programming and above all hope for their future.

    Dove House Needs:

      • Paper products (toilet paper, paper plates, paper towels, napkins)
      • Cleaning supplies
      • Office supplies
      • Canned/boxed food
      • Twin size sheets, blankets, pillows & pillow cases
      • Seasoning for food
      • Funding for these items

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager,  Lori Chambers by email

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    East 10th United Methodist Children & Youth Center

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    Mission: To provide a safe place where the spiritual, emotional, educational, and physical needs of children, youth, and their families are responded to in a holistic approach.

    East 10th UMC Needs:

      • Volunteers to read to the children or do after-school tutoring for one hour a week
      • Help with Sunday evening meals for 150 homeless & underserved individuals
        Financial aid to children attending preschool ($105 sponsors one at-risk child’s weekly tuition for preschool)

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Cathy Bonser-Neal by email

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    Family Promise

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    Mission: Family Promise of Greater Indianapolis is a partnership of congregations and community organizations responding to the crisis of children and their families who are homeless. Their vision is to work to eliminate homelessness in Greater Indianapolis by collaborating and partnering with other organizations to help create a community where homelessness is rare, short lived and recoverable and seek ways to address their immediate and long term needs.

    Indianapolis Interfaith Hospitality Network, Inc. (IHN) is a 501(c) (3) not for profit corporation founded in 1994 by Dr. Dean Lindsey. Dr. Lindsey founded IHN with the assistance of other local congregations, following the national model of Family Promise.

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Bob Dillingham by email

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    Zanmi Fondwa

    Mission: To support Haitian families in finding economic opportunities, stable housing and education.

    Zanmi Fondwa Needs:

      • To build 40 houses in 3 years we need your help. Join us on a mission trip or donate financially (each home costs $23,000).

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Dave Duba by email.

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    Feed Every One

    Mission: Feed Every One matches volunteers with a desire to serve the community in a small way by transporting unsold food from area grocery stores to Indianapolis shelters.

    Feed Every One Needs:

      • Pick up and deliver food on Sunday mornings.  Must have a vehicle similar to an SUV, truck or van.

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Lori Chambers by email

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    Fletcher Place

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    Mission: To ease suffering of persons homeless or living in our Southeast Side Service area, through the compassion of Jesus Christ as shown by our volunteers, donors and staff. Fletcher Place’s educational offerings and day-to-day support through services like hot meal programs help break the cycle of poverty.

    Fletcher Place Needs:

      • Volunteer crews who assist with hot meals
      • Donations of food, paper goods and funding for these items
      • Donations of clothing and household items to Fletcher Place Thrift Store
      • Volunteers to serve in the Thrift Store
      • GED-Prep class teachers

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Randy Sorrell by email 

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    Fox Hill Elementary

    Mission: Fox Hill Elementary School serves 825 students grades K-5. 80% of the student population qualifies for free and/or reduced lunch. 

    Last year, only 18% of the students in grade five were with Fox Hill when they started Kindergarten. As a result, Fox Hill finds it extremely helpful to have additional adult volunteers and mentors in the school to support teachers in a safe, structured environment.

    Most tutoring is focused on reading or math. Tutoring slots are available any time between 8:30 am and 4:30pm in any grade from Kindergarten to 5th grade. The most common volunteer commitment is for 1 hour weekly (and we know that occasional absences are expected) however some volunteers help for multiple hours per week.
    Don't be intimidated by the term tutor...what is valued most is a loving spirit. The greatest value that most volunteers contribute is building self-esteem and confidence of the students with words of encouragement. "Being there" is of more value than you can imagine...having caring neighbors consistently show up in the class is of great value to the teacher as well as the students.

    Sign up here.
    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Tom Lange by email

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    Global Interfaith Partnership

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    Mission: Global Interfaith Partnership (GIP) is a multi-faith coalition of congregations in central Indiana which is committed to working for justice and alleviating suffering for orphans and vulnerable children in western Kenya.

    GIP Needs:

      • Helpers for the Annual Kenya Carnival at 2nd Presbyterian Church
      • Hosts for an “A ‘maize’ ing Event” to raise awareness for hunger
      • People willing to travel to Kenya and see firsthand the work being done


    For more information, contact Pastor Nicole by email

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    Hearts & Hope for Haiti

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    Mission: Hearts and Hope for Haiti provides formal education opportunities, medical care, nutrition, shelter and works to improve the physical and community environment for the poor, the distressed and the underprivileged people in the country of Haiti.

    Hearts & Hope Needs:

      • People to join mission trips to Haiti
      • Donations to the Alpha & Omega Clinic construction project
      • Prayer for the doctors and teachers providing basic health and education services

    For more information, contact Relationship Managers, Gary and Kay Walla by email

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    Indiana Center for Children and Families, Inc.

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    Mission: To support families by improving children’s mental wellness.  The vision of the ICCF is to promote healing and bring hope to the lives of children, adolescents and families affected by child abuse, children with social, emotional and behavioral needs and life challenges.

    ICCFI Needs:

      • Administrative office help
      • Landscaping
      • Donations of toys for learning activities
      • Leaders of a study for parent enrichment


    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Sandi French by email

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    Outreach, Inc.

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    Mission: To reach out with the love of Christ to help homeless youth find a more stable life.  We reach out to the youth in need through the following programs:  Street Outreach, Drop-In Center, G.O.A.L and case management.  

    In 2013 Outreach, Inc. served 331 homeless people and the G.O.A.L program helped 80 homeless students to stay enrolled in their local school.

    Outreach, Inc Needs:

      •   Life skills class teachers
      •   Cooks for meals
      •   Workers in the food and clothing pantry
      •   People willing to spend time with a homeless youth

    To volunteer contact Mike Elliott by email

    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Jennifer Wolfe by email

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    Sierra Leone Health & Educational Partners

    Mission: To provide medical and primary education leaders of the UMC in Sierra Leone continuing education in the areas of infrastructure, management, leadership development and financial sustainability through work teams, ongoing consultation and the collection of suitable equipment and supplies for shipping.

    SLHEP Needs:

      • Assistance in organizational development—marketing consulting, administrators, finance managers needed
      • Help organizing shipping containers
      • Service Trips available each January and February


    For more information, contact Relationship Manager, Don and Marilyn Griffith by email

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    Servants At Work (SAWs)

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    Mission: SAWs© builds ADA Standard ramps that are high quality, environmentally friendly removable and reusable for indigent persons with disabilities using wheelchairs, scooters or walkers. We seek to translate the joy-filled moment someone regains their freedom into a life changing experience for volunteers as well as for those we serve.

    SAWs Needs:

      • Ramp building volunteers (Saturdays, 4-6 hours to install ramp)
      • Grant writers to help fund the $1000 cost of an average ramp
      • Prefab team volunteers (Thursdays, 2-4 hours, build the frames, cut deck boards and load materials for Saturday builds)
      • Client Service volunteers to interview potential clients
      • Office volunteers for administrative support
      • Donors

    For more information, contact SAWs at, email  , or call 317-844-7664

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    SON Foundation Hospitality House

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    Mission: The SON Foundation Hospitality House provides temporary lodging for cancer patients, caregivers and families who travel to Indianapolis for extended medical treatment. Our mission is to help relieve the financial burden associated with such housing, thereby enabling our guests to focus on physical and emotional healing.

    The SON Foundation House pledges to provide a Christian "home away from home". Guests will have access to a private bedroom, shared bathroom, community kitchen and living areas.

    SON Foundation Needs:

      • Weekend Whole House Clean (teams)
      • Maintenance & Mowing Crew (teams)
      • Monthly Meals for Guests
      • SON Foundation Prayer Team
      • Financial Contributions
      • Consumable Donations: paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, hand sanitizer, free & clear laundry detergent, free & clear fabric softener sheets, garbage bags


    For more information, contact Tom Ford by email  or phone 317-514-7587

    To volunteer or make a monetary donation, view the SON Foundation House website