We serve families with students in 5th-12th grades. We also keep in touch with our college students and other emerging adults, whether they remain at home after high school or move away.

Priority one is to help students feel welcomed.  Our high-energy large group worship on Sunday mornings gives way to smaller groups where youth can connect and get a sense of belonging. We recognize the tremendous changes that occur in the lives of youth as they move toward adulthood, so we create a learning environment appropriate to their developmental phases.

Upcoming Youth Events and Classes

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    Our Values

    Every Teen Matters: Every teen is created and loved by God. We want teens to not only know who God is, but to know who they are because of God’s love for them. Nothing they do (or don’t do) can change that truth.
    Every Family Matters: We believe that every family is a part of a bigger story that God is telling. And every family has the potential to reflect God’s love to the world. At St. Luke’s, we want all families to feel that they belong.
    What Happens at Home Matters: God has designed the home to be the primary place where faith, love, and values are lived out and modeled for teens. We want to empower parents and grandparents to help their teens grow in their faith and establish their own faith identity as they grow into adulthood.
    What Happens Around the Family Matters: Raising healthy teens requires a community of people who care about them and surround their family with love and support. We work to create mentoring connections between teens and caring adults, while cultivating a community of friendship and support for parents and families in the church. 
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    Youth Steps Curriculum


    Our STEPS curriculum and programming are designed to move our students through age-appropriate lessons. Here’s a quick outline. 

    5th-6th Grade – Foundations: Rediscovering God's Story – Learning How God’s Story Intersects My Story

    7th Grade – Confirmation – Owning My Faith through Confirmation

    8th Grade – Spiritual Gifts – Owning My Gifts through Affirmation

    9th-10th Grade – Spiritual Practices: Horizontal & Vertical – Learning Spiritual Disciplines for Living Out My Faith

    11th-12th Grade – Spiritual Roots: Connected to the Church – Sharing My Faith Through Servant Leadership in the Church

    Emerging Adults - Pathways: Finding my Call

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    Youth Ministry Forms

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    We offer plenty of opportunities to pay for retreats, mission trips, and activities by offering fundraisers that put money into Scholarship Accounts.

    PUMPKIN SALE - October 1-31

    Each year in October, our Youth Ministry raises money for students by selling pumpkins. Youth and families who work a shift earn scholarship credit. This past year we sold over $17,000 netting a profit of over $5,200! 


    SILENT AUCTION & HIRE-A-TEEN - March 18,2018

    The Silent Auction allows people and business in the church and the community to donate items to be auctioned off. The winning bid goes to benefit students in our Youth Ministry.  The HIRE-A-TEEN is an opportunity for teens to offer a product or service. In the past this has included tutoring, baking food, teaching music lessons, yard work, cleaning, baby sitting, and a variety of other great ideas. The money teens earn goes directly in their scholarship account.

    For more information about any of these activities email Travis Bannon or Heather Kenison or phone: 317-846-3404.

    Think you might be interested in supporting this ministry with your time? Visit our Serve On Site page and read more about Children & Youth.


Youth Ministries SERVE Opportunities 

Youth volunteers must complete a Volunteer Form  and email the completed form to Lauren Hacker, Family Ministries Administrative Assistant.

For more information, email Heather Kenison, Middle School Youth Director or Travis Bannon, High School Youth Director or phone 317-846-3404 .