About St. Luke’s

Mission & Vision

St. Luke's is an open community of Christians gathering to seek, celebrate, live and share the love of God for all creation. We envision being transformed by God and transforming the world into a compassionate, just, inclusive, Christ-like community.

2013 Key Directions for 5 Year Vision

In 2012 a Visioning Task force was convened with the goal being to discern where God wanted St. Luke’s to go in the next five to ten years.  As an outcome, the Task Force identified five key areas of importance (as noted below). For the full report, read "A Vision for our Future"  completed in February 2013.

  • Reaching greater numbers of young people
  • Helping people grow in their faith
  • Developing an outreach and missions emphasis
  • Involving greater numbers of people in service and church leadership
  • Improving facilities, resources, and technology

"Rethink Church"

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St. Luke's, along with the entire United Methodist Church, invites everyone to Rethink Church.  This new approach to thinking about church in our lives challenges us to think of "church" not as a noun, but as a verb. 

What if church isn't just a place we go, but something we do? We open our doors and extend an invitation to come into St. Luke's to learn about the ways that you can "do church" every day of your life . . . because we believe that what you do when you walk out our doors is more important than how many times you walk in them.
For more information on the Rethink Church campaign, visit www.umcom.org.  You can also follow the campaign on Facebook.


Who And Where We Are

St. Luke's United Methodist is the 11th largest-attended UMC in the U.S. We are recognized nationally and internationally for the compassionate work done by our members here and around the world. While the impact of St. Luke's can be found in both inner-city schools and tiny Haitian villages, we have called the north side of Indianapolis home since 1953.