Rev.-elations and Planned Giving - September 2023



August 20 - September 24

Over 4 ½ years ago we did a series called Questions Alexa Can’t Answer in which we probed some of the tough theological questions of faith. We have recently started a new series, Stumped and this series addresses questions that have come straight from you.  They are the questions about faith and God you hear from friends, your children, family members which you said you would like help in knowing how to answer. We have completed 3 weeks in our Stumped series you can watch here if you've missed any and you're not going to want to miss this Sunday when we talk about Does God Send People to Hell?

Planned Giving Website

Have you checked out yet? If not, take some time this month to do so. You will find a wealth of information on this planned giving website. For example, you can... click here to READ MORE


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