St. Luke's Men

Living on Purpose. It's something all of us seek. And yet we need guides to help us stay focused and friends to encourage us along the way. St. Luke's men is here to help every man be the follower of Jesus God intended him to be. 
Our vision is that through following Jesus we're transformed into better men serving our families and communities. With a changed heart we're able to lead lives of greater meaning and significance. 
You're invited to take a first step and explore what this looks like through the following opportunity:

Start Here - > Java Joe’s

Stop by Java Joe’s (in the Central Passage across from Robertson Chapel) for a cup of coffee and to get a copy of Men of Integrity, a 2 minute daily devotional we encourage for all men. While there, you can find out about what’s coming next for men at St. Luke’s. Guys there can answer your questions and point you to a next step to find your way to grow and use your gifts here.

First Saturday Men’s Breakfast, 8-9:30 AM Parlor

Join a gathering of leaders for food and conversation. This is a great space to learn about ways to serve and to connect with older men whose leadership has guided St. Luke’s. There is a different speaker each month. No registration needed.

AUTHENTIC MANHOOD: Looking at the Legacy Jesus Leaves Us
Sept. 6 – Oct. 18 • C123 • (Dr. Greg Hale)
Based on a study of Jesus’ 33 years of life, what can we learn about being a man in the 21st century? Masculinity isn’t easy to define (with lots of pressures) and yet getting clear about who we are and what we offer makes for better families, workplaces and communities. This is really a conversation about meaning and significance in today’s world. No book needed. Click here to register.

Speaker - Brett Clemmer, National President of Man in the Mirror, Wednesday, September 13th, 6:15-7:30 PM, Robertson Chapel

What does it mean to be a man who looks in the mirror and sees himself following Christ and leading well? Brett Clemmer is a sought after speaker on men and faith and will be here to share his wisdom, ideas and a challenge with us. Registration encouraged. Click here to register. View video here.

To learn more about men’s  specific ministries, explore the information below: