We’re serious that God’s way of transforming our world is through people gathered in community. And so we have small groups as intentional places to make some new friends who will love you, challenge you, and serve alongside you. 

Group Launches

  • We launch new groups 3 times a year at St. Luke’s and use discussion guides connected to our sermon series as the initial content for these new groups. After 5 weeks together, groups can decide to continue and become a Covenant Group, meeting together for a total of 20 gatherings in a year.
  • September 10th with our fall series// sign-up in Worship Aug. 20, 27 & Sept. 3 or sign up online below.
  • October 15th - Mark your calendars for a launch event to choose your group on Thursday, October 5th from 6:30 - 7:45PM in LL Chapel.

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    Sign up - New Small Groups

    Our new small groups begin the week of Sept 10 and meet initially for 5 weeks in a row. Don’t worry if you’ll miss a week.

    Select a group that fits your schedule/interest. After you register, we’ll have all of your information to be in touch with details on location etc. and to put you in touch with your group host.

    YOUNG ADULTS (20’s & 30’s)

    • Monday’s, 6-7:30PM, at St. Luke’s // A mixed group for couples/singles (hosted by Elizabeth Tindle, Andrew Engelmann & Rev. Eric Burton-Krieger) 
    • Monday’s, 7-8:15PM, Broad Ripple // Women’s Group (hosted by Lori Hunteman & Missy Hughes) 
    • Tuesday’s, 9-11:30AM, St. Luke’s // Mom’s with young children (hosted by Mindie Moore) - (Childcare provided at no cost on site)
    • Tuesday’s, 6-7:30PM, St. Luke’s // LGBTQ & Friends (hosted by Jennifer Vincent) 
    • Thursday’s, 5:45-7PM, Downtown // Couples & singles living/working downtown (hosted by Rob Kapaku & Fiona Wan) 
    • Friday's7-8AM, Panera // Men's group (hosted by Trent Wood) 


    • Sunday’s, 11AM-12PM, St. Luke’s // Parents of Elementary/Middle School Children (interest meeting on Sunday, Sept 10) 
    • Sunday’s, 12:15-1:30PM, St. Luke’s // Adults & Elementary Children together – both adults and children will participate (hosted by Patrice Smith – Assistant Director of our Children’s Ministry & Caitlin Skinner) 
    • Every third Sunday of the Month, 5-6:30PM, St. Luke’s // Parents/Grandparents/Caregivers of children with special needs. Care & accommodation are provided for special needs children/youth during this time (hosted by Patrice Smith & Pam Riggins) – we’ll contact you to make sure we have the proper support in place.
    • Sunday’s, 6:15-7:30PM, Carmel (111th & College) // Mixed group of Empty Nesters, couples, singles (hosted by Beth Foland) 
    • Monday’s, 7-8:15PM, St. Luke’s // LGBTQ & Friends (hosted by Les Prout) 
    • Tuesday’s, 7-8:15AM, St. Luke’s // Working Women (hosted by Deleath Blomberg)
    • Tuesday PM, St. Lukes // Parents of High Schoolers/College Students 
    • Wednesday PM, St. Luke's // Parents of High Schoolers/College Students 
    • Thursdays, 8-9AM, St. Luke’s // Women of any age (hosted by Debra Peek) 
    • Thursdays, Sept. 21st - Oct. 26th (except Oct. 12th), 12-1PM, St. Luke's // Women's group - Curriculum will be "Of Mess & Moxie" by Jen Hatmaker (hosted by Rev. Jamalyn Peigh Williamson) - Register Here. Click here to view book.

    Gathering Interest to fill a group:

    • Weekday lunch, Location TBD // Working moms on the Northwest Side of Indy (hosted by Cathy Bryant & Missy Copher) 
    • Likely Evening, Location TBD // Parents of Middle Schoolers/High Schoolers 

    If you would like to be in any of these groups above or if none of these groups are a good fit? Please contact Dorothy Eads by email . We’re always building groups!


Group Format

  • Hosts: All groups have a host(s) who help organize the group and help facilitate conversation
  • Location: Most groups meet in people’s homes around the city, as well as at St. Luke’s, in restaurants, workplaces and online
  • Size: Groups range in size but average 10-12 people
  • Demographics: Some groups have a specific demographic such as working women, young adult men, couples with young children, empty nesters, etc.  Though most welcome all!
  • Childcare: We offer a childcare voucher program to help reimburse the cost of childcare for groups meeting in homes. Childcare is provided at select times for groups meeting at St. Luke’s. 

If you’re interested in a group between launches, that is great! Some existing groups always have openings and we also form a few new groups on an ongoing basis, pending interest.

To learn more, stop by the Connect Here booths outside of worship or contact Rev. Eric Burton-Krieger, Pastor of Adult Discipleship by email or phone 317-846-3404 x312.

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    Covenant Groups

    What we hope for people is that over time they find their way into a Covenant Group. These small groups meet 20 times over the course of a year and commit to study together (the sermon series or other content) to serve together (2-4 times per year) and to care for one another. We believe they are the best place to help each of us to be formed into the image of Jesus Christ.

    St. Luke’s has a goal that, by the end of 2017, we would grow from 25 Covenant Groups to more than 100, and in doing so, to help more people to find and give hope than ever before.