The Spiritual Life Center (SLC) promotes the evolving journey of the mind, body and spirit through the transforming love of God. Following the compassionate and inclusive example of Jesus, the Spiritual Life Center nurtures spiritual community, offers diverse, holistic and experiential opportunities to all.  

As we celebrate 20 years of the Spiritual Life Center, we invite you to reminisce and watch this short slide show of past activities.

Upcoming Spiritual Life Center EVENTS  and CLASSES  

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    Healing Ministries

    The anchor for the St. Luke's UMC Healing Ministry is the Pilgrimage Healing Process. This "hands-on healing" process was developed by Episcopal priest Tanya Beck and involves resting on a massage table as two trained healing partners open themselves to God’s healing power and go through a series of prayers and movements.

    Email Healing Ministries for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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    Labyrinth Ministry

    Labyrinth walking is a spiritual discipline that involves focused motion and prayer or meditation. St. Luke’s offers three labyrinths:

    An eight-circuit Chartres style labyrinth painted on the floor of N103/104 (check schedule by door for availability)

    An 84-foot day-lily and mulch 11-circuit Chartres style labyrinth located north of Luke’s Lodge

    An 11-circuit canvas Chartres style portable labyrinth

    The outdoor labyrinth blooms gloriously in late June. Be a part of this gift to our congregation and the wider community by volunteering to weed a small section twice a month in the spring and summer when your schedule permits.   Betty Brandt to volunteer. 

    Use the search term "labyrinth" on our events and/or classes pages for more information about church-sponsored opportunities.

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    Prayer Chapel

    All are welcome to use the Prayer Chapel for silent meditation and prayer whenever the church is open.

    Holy Communion is available (serve yourself) from 9:15AM-12:30PM in the Chapel every Sunday, except for the first Sunday of the month, when we receive Communion together during worship services.

    Please enter in silence.

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    Spiritual Direction

    Spiritual Direction is the ancient practice of meeting on a regular basis with a trained Spiritual Director whose role is to help deepen a relationship with the Divine and grow spiritually. The practice is not psychotherapy or counseling.

    List of local Spiritual Directors and their contact information.


For more information, contact Betty Brandt, Director of Spiritual Life Center by  or phone 317-846-3404 x339