Baptism is a gift from God, given to remind us of the grace of Jesus Christ. Whether we are baptizing a child or an adult, we believe that God’s love for that individual began before the foundations of the earth were laid, and through baptism we affirm our role as the family of God in helping one another to know and walk in that love.

As part of their baptism experience, every family receives a certificate of baptism and a picture with clergy to commemorate this special day. DVDs of the service are also available, and loved ones who live far away are able to watch the service live on our Sunday morning video-streaming. We ask that parents attend a class prior to their child’s baptism, in order to prepare for the commitment they are making and to connect with other parents with whom they'll share their journey of faith and parenting.

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For more information, contact Becky Volk at or phone 317-846-3404 x307

To order a DVD of the service in which your child was baptized, submit an online DVD order request.

NOTE:  DVD's are only available for the 9:30AM and 11AM traditional services