Reflections on Haiti

Bonjou!  Our team of 19 arrived home Sunday night at Midnight, sunburned and tired, but full of hope from the progress we witnessed in Haiti.  Pastor Dave and Josh Sweeney left Thursday morning with a group of 23 youth and parents, to...

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Reformation Then and Now

Today's devotion will be a bit more like a travelogue, but I wanted to share some highlights of our trip. Last Wednesday we arrived in Prague for several days learning about John Huss, the martyred Reformer who lived a century before Luther. Then...

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Camp Luke Reflections

Last week we offered our annual “Camp Luke” experience. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with the lingo, it’s our version of Vacation Bible School.) It was my eighth year to help lead Summer Splash, and I can truly...

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My Father's Hands

“Even there Your hand will lead me, And Your right hand will lay hold of me.” Psalm 139:10 This is a great Father’s Day story from Guidepost by Buddy Valastro, the star of TV’s Cake Boss. (This story really gets me as I...

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Trinity Sunday and Every Sunday

"God in three persons, blessed Trinity." We will sing that verse this Sunday to start the traditional services recognizing that this is Trinity Sunday. What? You don't have that on your calendar? Come on, there's Christmas, Easter and Trinity...

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Graduates: The Life You Save...

The Georgian writer Flannery O'Connor is one of my favorite authors. My particular favorite title of one of her short stories is The Life You Save May Be Your Own. It's a good motto for graduates. Many of our students are graduating...

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It's Not About Me

My title for this devotion is the way Rick Warren started his multi-million best-seller, The Purpose Driven Life. It could serve as a motto for every church member. Archbishop William Temple once said, “The church is the only organization...

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The Origin of Mother's Day

Okay, it may be a little slack of me just to send a video for a devotion today, but this takes about the same time to watch as something I would write. It offers a wonderful history of Mother's Day and its founders. I believe you'll not only...

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Pass It On

Her name was Mildred Swicegood. I learned about her when I was 18 years old, though I hadn't met her. I just knew there was a scholarship in her name at the college I was going to attend. The scholarship was for students planning to go into...

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Upthrusts of Underlying Providence

That title comes from one of my favorite spiritual writers, Frederick Buechner. He was describing the unique way he experiences God's presence as sudden, unexpected upthrusts of love, hope or comfort. I was reminded of that quote looking at my...

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