A God Moment for the Hairdresser

The Angel Tree giving program at St. Luke's will make a difference for about 400 people this year. It would have been a handful fewer, except little Margaret Williamson needed a haircut back in November. Margaret's mom is Outreach...

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A Sound Investment

Allen Richards crooned "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" for the 255 guests who showed up Dec. 13, as part of the inaugural Jesus, Jazz & JoySwing Concert. Months earlier, Allen had made his St. Luke's debut at the all-church picnic...

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Habitat Birthday Surprise

By Pastor Jamalyn Peigh Williamson Since 2013, St. Luke’s has come alongside four different families to help them build their Habitat homes. This month, we made that number five. We dedicate the home where Sarah Tate and her twin...

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#Blessed: How to live a truly rewarding life

I’m not on the popular social media outlets Twitter or Instagram, but I understand that the keyword “#Blessed” is a hot item. Most posts imply that being blessed is about being better off. Take a look at a few posts one of our...

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It Ain't Broke

You know the adage: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It doesn't apply to churches. If nothing changes the trajectory of a faith community, it will be born, grow, decline and die in fewer than 100 years. There is no shame in that...

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Blessed Backpacks

St. Luke's UMC sent 1,200 students back to school this year "school ready," according to Rev. Jamalyn Peigh Williamson, pastor of outreach ministries at St. Luke's. Even more importantly, the annual...

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Step-by-Step: Journey To God Begins at Birth

  That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. -Neil Armstrong Some steps carry more significance than others. They represent a major achievement, crossing a threshold, or starting a new chapter in life. The words of...

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