A Global Movement

By Pastor Rob Fuquay | 09/2/2016

"If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples." John 8:31

The truly great thing about the World Methodist Council Conference is experiencing the global church. So many people speaking so many languages coming from such different circumstances but all celebrating the same faith in one Lord. That was clearly evident in last night's 30th anniversary of Disciple Bible Study.

Susan's parents, Bishop Richard and Julia Wilke wrote Disciple over 30 years ago. Today it is believed that far beyond 3 million people have participated worldwide. We can't know the numbers for sure. In places like China we continue to learn of groups that met without government knowledge but found ways to get materials. In the celebration event people from Africa, South America, Indonesia, Asian countries, Australia, New Zealand, European nations and more spoke of the way God used Disciple Bible Study to revolutionize their lives and churches. There are pastors and even bishops today who were called into ordained ministry through their experience in Disciple Bible Study.

Susan spoke last night about Disciple Fast Track, the slightly abbreviated version of Disciple she created. She learned since being in Houston that it is now in the third printing of the revised study manual! This resource is helping Disciple continue to transform the world by helping people grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. There has never been anything quite like this study in the history of Methodism. And it's still going strong.

Our groups at St. Luke's will be kicking off soon. We have a number of groups that could fit your schedule and availability including an online group led by Stephen Hoskins on Monday nights.  This Sunday there will be a table outside of the sanctuary at all services where you can sign up for Disciple Bible Study. You can also make your Disciple Bible Study class selection on the insert in the bulletin this Sunday.  All groups begin the week of September 11th. Your commitment is just to be in a twelve week Old Testament Class. You will not only learn the basic story of the Old Testament and allow the Bible to become a book you understand and can follow, but you will get to know others in your group who will become dependable friends in your life. If you are able, then you can continue the journey in the New Year with a twelve week New Testament class.

To find out more email Susan Fuquay or go to our website here for a full listing of all classes. If you have never taken Disciple I, don't miss this life-changing opportunity that is changing the world! Kent Millard was one of the first trainers of Disciple teachers in the country. Now, Susan Fuquay, daughter of the authors of Disciple and creator of the Fast Track version, is part of our Adult Discipleship team at the church. St. Luke's continues to have a close connection to this amazing story. I hope you will be a part of it!

See you Sunday!