Angels Unaware

By Pastor Rob Fuquay | 09/29/2017

Today's Devotion: Angels Unaware


Last Sunday we focused on the importance of showing grace. This is never more important than in church. People come hoping to experience grace, even if it's not a conscious thought. One thing just about every person will say if they did not have a "warm" experience at church is, "No one talked to me."

When each of us takes responsibility to make sure grace gets experienced, we have the power of determining the direction of the church!

Last Sunday one of our members who is really good about engaging people, sat next to a woman she didn't know. During the greeting time she leaned over and introduced herself. The woman's reply shocked her. She said, "I'm new here. Two months ago my husband died and today is his birthday. I didn't want to be home alone." Our member held her hand and didn't let it go the whole service!

Toward the end of the message at that service I said something about believing in angels. After all angels are simply messengers of God's grace. As these two women sitting in the pew parted at the end of the service, the guest said, "Well, you were very clearly my angel today."

To whom can you be an angel? That's not so much an answer to be predetermined as an opportunity to be grasped when presented!

See you with the angels Sunday morning!