Silence Invites Intentionality in Sacred Space

Sun splashes through colored glass, painting organ pipes in gold and green. This instrument stands silent for this worship service. Twenty to thirty worshipers gather near the front of the Sanctuary, where candles issue silent invitation to...

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A Great Reason to Show Love

“Invite to the banquet anyone you find…” - Matthew 22:9 No one is really sure how the Valentine’s Day tradition started, not that Hallmark is complaining. The best explanations take it back to ancient Roman...

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A Prayer for People with Mental Illness

By Jacquie Reed, member This month, St. Luke's will introduce a new group for people living with depression, meeting Mondays, starting Feb. 22 • 6:30 - 8PM • Room 101-102. The group is an answer to prayer for many. Here's the...

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Prayer & People

There’s an old legend about a Czar of Russia who became fascinated with the idea of humanity’s natural language. If a child was not influenced by hearing any language what language would that child speak? The ruler ordered for a new...

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