Devotions from Pastor Rob Fuquay


The Thanksgiving Story

It was the day after Thanksgiving. A woman caught her husband weighing himself on the scale. He was sucking in his stomach. "That won't help you, Fred," the woman said. "You know that, don't you?" "Oh it helps a lot," said Fred. "It's...

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Thanks for Pointing Out Someone Else's Sacrifice

A few years ago a member of the church, a veteran, told me about an experience he had in an airport. He was waiting on his flight when he looked out the window and saw a coffin being lowered from a plane. It was draped in an American flag. He...

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In Just 21 Days!

Did you realize that the heart was the first organ to form in your body? And it began forming within twenty-one days of conception! There are some amazing pictures of first heartbeats in a video called "Life before birth in the womb" which...

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What Do We Already Own?

A story about the wealthy newspaper tycoon William Randolph Hearst tells that he once saw a picture of a beautiful portrait painted by a famous artist. He decided he must have the portrait. He hired a detective to track down the work of art...

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There Comes a Time

In January 1995 Wendell Williamson, a graduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill, walked down a busy street and began shooting an automatic weapon at people. He killed two and injured two others before being wounded by police officers and...

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Angels Unaware

Today's Devotion: Angels Unaware   Last Sunday we focused on the importance of showing grace. This is never more important than in church. People come hoping to experience grace, even if it's not a conscious thought. One thing just...

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Justified by faith. It is another battle cry of the Reformation. We will learn Sunday why this basic affirmation of Paul was so radical at the time. And we'll consider what makes it revolutionary today. We got a sense of that this...

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Just Keep Playing...

With so much angst from news about weather and other matters, maybe you will find this story as encouraging as I did this week.   Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice once described to a Sunday school class at National Presbyterian...

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Stubborn Ounces

Today's Devotion: Stubborn Ounces     We have all been undone (as we should be) over the images coming from Texas. Our hearts go out to so many. Folks in St. Luke's have been affected. Several have family members who...

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The Church is No Place for Politics

That got your attention didn’t it! I’ve heard that statement a few times in my ministry, and yes, even since coming to Indiana. Sometimes people say it because they look to the church as a place of refuge from all the division and...

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