God and Dog

By Pastor Rob Fuquay | 05/22/2016

As I mentioned above, my birthday this week was a unique experience. Bella, a St. Bernard/Bernese Mtn. Dog mix, was a very special dog to my daughter, Julie. Julie rescued her seven years ago within hours of being put down. She had been abused and abandoned by previous owners. She came into Julie's life during a sad period for Julie. She just wanted a dog she could love and help her through this time. She found that in Bella.

She rescued the dog and then the dog rescued her. There's no overstating how important this dog was-despite my frustrations that she would bark through thunderstorms at 3am on Saturday nights!; dig up my lawn; pounce on the neighbor's dog on one occasion; and claw the doors if she didn't want to be closed out. But, I cried as well when we found out last week Bella had an inoperable tumor in her hip. I went with Julie to the vet as we sat together by Bella to say a prayer of thanks with her and hold her as she was put down. 

As we drove home I thought of this video I remembered seeing it a few years back. It may not mean so much to you but I think the lesson is certainly relevant about our faith and belief in God. I hope you enjoy...

 See you Sunday,