Raise the Roof!

By Pastor Rob Fuquay | 06/3/2016
"I will provide a place for my people Israel and will plant them so that they can have a home of their own and no longer be disturbed."     2 Samuel 7:10

There doesn't seem to be clear consensus on where the expression "raise the roof" comes from, but it most popularly gets used one of two ways. When someone is upset by something, that person's anger might "raise the roof." But, the idiom is perhaps used more often to describe a celebration that is like raising the roof.  In fact, this is associated with the popular celebratory gesture of people placing palms up and raising their hands over their hands and pumping them up and down. Maybe the two ideas fit together when people get mad enough about conditions that are wrong that they do something about them and give reason for people to eventually celebrate.

However you interpret it and wherever the expression originated, I enjoyed sharing in the celebration of a literal roof raising a few weeks ago as St. Luke's (thanks to Curtis Rector and Arbor Homes) dedicated another Habitat for Humanity house near the Crooked Creek area. A young mother of three was handed the keys of her first home, a very emotional moment for her and all who shared in the building of that house.

I'm aware in a church like St. Luke's where so many good things are happening all the time that we move from need to need, project to project without always showing and celebrating the results of the work once a goal is met. So we need to take moments to celebrate and "raise the roof." When we make gifts to projects like this, as so many of you did, we share in the making of a home for a family. We can open our palms and pump our arms!


This Sunday marks the beginning of our annual Red Envelope campaign. Pick up an envelope in the Narthex marked with a dollar amount between $1 and $300 and support one of our Red Envelope recipients: Back to School Extravaganza, Family Promise, Habitat for Humanity and SAWS.  Fill the envelope with your chosen amount and return it to the offering plate in worship, the table in the Narthex or in the church office.

Let's keep raising roofs!

Pastor Rob