Parents, we know life is hectic. Whether you are changing diapers, driving tweens all around town, or just trying to make sure everyone has clean socks, finding space to connect with others and grow in your faith can feel impossible. But what if you could set aside just a couple of hours a month, share a meal, and quality conversation with other parents who know exactly where you’re coming from? What if you could find just a bit of time to grow in your faith and build deep friendships with people from church that go beyond the walls on a Sunday morning?

That’s the vision of Kitchen Table Groups. It’s a different kind of small group experience, designed just for busy parents.

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    Kitchen Table Group Content

    Month 1: September

    Talk About It:
    1.  Start by sharing some basic information about your family.  What are some interesting narratives? What makes it unique? Feel free to take our your cell phone and share some pictures, and funny or embarrassing stories. 
    2. What imagines come to mind when you think of the word family?
    3. In what ways has your family been blessed or has been a blessing to others. 
    4. What is your role in your family?  What would your family say about you? 
    Pray on it: 
    Spend time today thanking God for the blessing of family. 
    Act on it:  
    By the next time you group gathers, find a way to show someone in your family that they are appreciated and valued.