Welcome to Children’s Ministry at St. Luke’s. We partner with parents to raise children who trust God with their hearts, and follow Christ with their lives. We want the time your child spends with us on Sunday to be the best hour of his or her week.

Join our team today!
Our Children's ministry is in need of more volunteers! It takes a great team to provide quality programming for your child. Please don't miss this opportunity to get involved before our Fall Kick Off begins.

Please email Patrice Smith for K-4th and Jennifer Ebner for birth through JrK if you are willing to invest in the faith journey of the next generation! 

Upcoming Children's Events and Classes

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    Our Values

    Every child matters. Every child is created and loved by God. Period. Not only do we want to teach children who God is, we want to help them understand who they are in light of God’s love.

    Every family matters. It doesn’t matter what your family looks like. We believe every family is part of a bigger story that God is telling. And every family has the potential to reflect God’s love to the world.

    What happens in the home matters. God has designed the home as the primary place where faith, love, and values are lived out and impressed upon children’s hearts. We want to equip parents and grandparents with resources that help them to lead their children into healthy understanding of themselves and God.

    What happens around the family matters. Raising healthy children requires a community of people who care about them and surround their family with love and support.  We work to place dedicated mentors and teachers in the lives of each child, and seek to create networks of friendship & support among families in the church.

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    Steps Curriculum

    Our STEPS curriculum and programming are designed to move our students through age-appropriate lessons in our Sunday morning programming. Here’s a quick outline.

    Infants & Toddlers – Time & Treasure – We invest now in the future we want our children to have.

    Preschool & Pre-K – Creation & Care  God made us and watches over us.

    Kindergarten – 2nd Grade – Boundaries & Blessings – We learn about God’s gifts of Commandments and Sacraments.

    3rd Grade & 4th Grade Listening & Talking with God – We learn about God’s word and practice the Lord’s Prayer.

    For more about how STEPS continues through middle school and high school, see our Youth Ministry page.


Children's Ministry SERVE Opportunities 

For more information, contact Patrice Smith by email or phone 317-846-3404 x386.