We aim to help youth experience direction for the next steps in their faith journey. So, we foster connection in activities and retreats designed specifically for each age group. 

Upcoming Youth Trips and Retreats

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    Mission Trips and Camps

    Mission trips help our youth connect with the world beyond their comfort zone, and allow them to see the intersection between faith and service. Our goal is for each youth to will participate in one or more mission trips each year.

    Scholarship accounts give students the opportunity to earn money for trips and activities from volunteering at fundraisers.

    Be sure to visit us again soon for details on trips being planned in the future!


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    Retreats look different for each age group, but are typically one or two nights long. Included are fun activities, several messages on a theme for the weekend, awesome worship experiences, and most likely a bonfire with some s’mores!

    Come back and visit us soon to get details on retreats in the near future! 



For more information, email Heather Kenison or Travis Bannon or phone  317-846-3404.