The Last Sunday of the Year

This is the last Sunday of the year. Because the season of preparation for Christ's birth, Advent, is the first season of the Christian Year, the Sunday before Advent marks the completion of the Christian Year. That makes this Sunday Christ the...

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The Thanksgiving Story

It was the day after Thanksgiving. A woman caught her husband weighing himself on the scale. He was sucking in his stomach. "That won't help you, Fred," the woman said. "You know that, don't you?" "Oh it helps a lot," said Fred. "It's...

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Thanks for Pointing Out Someone Else's Sacrifice

A few years ago a member of the church, a veteran, told me about an experience he had in an airport. He was waiting on his flight when he looked out the window and saw a coffin being lowered from a plane. It was draped in an American flag. He...

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In Just 21 Days!

Did you realize that the heart was the first organ to form in your body? And it began forming within twenty-one days of conception! There are some amazing pictures of first heartbeats in a video called "Life before birth in the womb" which...

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