Civility in the Highest

In honor of President's Day this past week let me share a great presidential story. Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War was a man named Edwin Stanton who was known to be bull-headed, opinionated and rude. He was not well liked by many peers and...

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Love Always Wins

Theologian and Presbyterian pastor, Francis Schaeffer, tells about a time during World War II when Hitler commanded all religious groups to unite so that he could control them. Among the Brethren assemblies, half complied and half refused. Those...

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Permission Granted!

Retired Methodist pastor Bill Bouknight shares this wonderful Valentine's Day story...   The writer Drew Duke recalled from her childhood her second grade Valentine's Day party. Several days earlier a big decorated box had been placed at...

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A Poem for a Winter's Day

Driving home last night in the snow brought to mind a poem by Robert Frost, Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. Known for its simplicity, perhaps you'll enjoy reading this on a snowy Friday...   Whose woods these are I think I...

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