Blessed Endurance

"Cancer happens for reasons that we do not understand, but not because everything happens for a reason dictated by God. Rather, Blessed Endurance argues, God is with us in these kinds of ordeals. But I do not believe God...

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Horses, Sneetches and People

Lipizzaner horses are known for their aerobatic skills and disciplined performances. Their coats are thick dazzling white, but they are not born that way. Lipizzaner horses are actually black at birth. As they grow, their coats gradually...

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The Power of Hospitality

This Sunday's sermon has been a challenging yet exciting one to prepare. I have spent lots of hours reading and researching, along with interviewing people, and still feel I need many more weeks to be ready. While I have felt that privilege is a...

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My Faith Heritage

Driving in Winston-Salem a few hours ago, I got to thinking about my Easter experiences as a teenager. Though I was active in my Methodist Church, I played in a Moravian brass band at a friend's church. Easter was a very special day, or should I...

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