Share the Road

It's that time of year again: where we pack up the car, plug in the GPS and hit the open road! Adventure awaits us, precious memories are in the making but, so is something else: CONFLICT! Why? Because no matter what route we choose in...

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Head and Heart

We have had a delightful start to our Wesley trip. We've already seen a number of sites I mentioned in the recent sermon series including the grave of Samuel Wesley (John's father), the Rectory where the Wesleys lived, and Oxford where Wesley...

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Hall of Fame Dads

Robert Lewis, in his book Real Family Values, tells about an interesting discovery workers made at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, Ohio, in the winter of 1993. While renovating a section of the museum they found a photo hidden...

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Remembering D-Day

Yesterday marked the 75th anniversary of one of the deadliest battles, and biggest seaborne invasions, in history. Our former pastor, Dr. Carver McGriff, was an infantryman in the invasion and was shot and captured. He leads tours to France and...

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