For the Labors of Grace

I want to use my devotion on this Labor Day weekend to recognize several staff transitions in the worship area. First, we officially welcome this week our new Director of Traditional Music and Worship, Dr. Jeff Rogers. Jeff comes to us by way...

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Customer or Proprietor?

My first real job was working at a Biscuitville. I had other jobs before this one, but mostly working for my father so I'll save that for another devotion sometime! Biscuitville was a fast-food chain that had a big breakfast market but...

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The Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin passed away yesterday. She was known as the “Queen of Soul.” Soul is an interesting label for the genre of music that defined this singing icon. Perhaps this title was given because of the way such music seems to come...

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Why We Host the GLS

The Global Leadership Summit is a conference sponsored by Willow Creek Community Church, founded by pastor Bill Hybels. The conference began in 1995 as a leadership development experience for church and civic leaders. It has an unbiased faith...

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My Second Synagogue

I received a beautiful email this week from one of our members. She has a good friend whose husband died in 2016 and has joined in many St. Luke's activities since that time. She helped with last week's Back-to-School-Extravaganza and had another...

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