Gently Used

I've been to a few rummage sales in my life, but this will be our first here at St. Luke's.  Some fellow staff members and I were walking through Great Hall previewing all the items and we were quickly reminded by an...

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So here is a random fact about me.  I love to run. Growing up I was good at it.  If I had more time, I could reminisce (and slightly exaggerate) about just how fast I was.  But I can vividly remember racing on the playground and...

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5779 or 2018?

This past Monday was Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. According to ancient Jewish writings, based on dating of creation, this is year 5,779. Of course, that is not scientific. We know, as most Jewish people recognize, the...

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How Did You Come to Be Involved in Church?

There is so much despair over declining involvement in churches today. Over the past few years I have participated in several groups composed of church leaders from around the country, and this topic dominates conversation. But recently, at one...

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