Devotions from Pastor Rob Fuquay


The Future of the United Methodist Church and Your Voice!

Today's message is not so much a devotion as sharing an opportunity. I was going to write this as a separate article, but feared the email would be so long you might forego reading. So while this might not feel like a spiritual reflection...

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When I Wish Upon a Star...

I’ve been thinking of that old nursery rhyme getting ready for Sunday’s message on the wise men who followed the Star of Bethlehem. The last part of that verse, “have the wish I wish tonight,” also makes me think of a line...

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Going Beyond Wishful Thinking

I read about a school principal who invited all her teachers to submit their New Year's resolutions to be put on a bulletin board. Right after posting them she heard a commotion as the teachers gathered around the board to read each other's...

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For God so loved...

That is what Christmas is all about. God so loved the world that he gave. When you love someone enough you give. I am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many St. Lukers here at year’s end. You have given so much! Our stewardship campaign...

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A Feel Good Story

Among the many church parties and events happening last Sunday, I arrived at the Fellowship Hall late afternoon to catch the very end of the Getting Ahead Christmas party. Getting Ahead is our ministry that partners people in...

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True Power

Seventy-seven years ago today, Japanese planes bombed the US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii in the worst military strike on American soil. A battle cry went up that launched what became known as the Greatest Generation, the brave, hardworking...

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The Essence of Advent

This Sunday we will consider one of the most significant chapters in the Bible, Isaiah 40. You'll have to wait until Sunday to understand why. And thinking of waiting...that is the focus of the last verse in that chapter. "Those who wait upon the...

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Christ is Still King

Most often Advent, the four weeks before Christmas and the first season of the Christian year, begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving. But every now and then, the calendar provides a Sunday between. This is one of those years. In the liturgical...

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An Amazing Thanksgiving Story

Mandeep Dhillon is a young woman from India who moved to the United States in 2008. In 2014 she came to Indianapolis which was about the same time she started feeling ill. After numerous doctor visits and seemingly endless tests it was determined...

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Day of the Dead...and All Saints

In Mexican culture Day of the Dead is a festival to honor and pray for family and friends who have died and support them in their continuing spiritual journey. It recognizes that life does not end in death but continues. Though I don’t know...

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