Faith on Board

By Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross | 07/20/2018
Hey St.Luke's!
I am BEYOND THRILLED to be serving as your new Pastor of Missions and Outreach! In fact, I was so excited that I deluded myself into believing that moving across country with three children under six years old would be "smooth", "uneventful" even "fun". 
But that was before the flights were delayed not once, not twice, but three times before they were canceled. That was before all 5 of us (even the baby) came down with nasty summer colds that refused to quit. Oh - and did I forget to mention this teeny, tiny, little, minute detail? The moving truck arrived TWO WEEKS LATE!!! 
Needless to say the last few weeks could have been, and should have been, one of the most stressful, nail-biting and hair-raising experiences I've ever had. But just when I thought my patience and sanity were as lost as our moving truck - God dropped what I like to call an #FBOMB - a Faith Bomb - that transformed my move: When what you think matters doesn't come, you discover what really does.
This move was never about the flights, the schedule or the moving truck - it was about faith. It was about a making a journey in faith, by faith, through faith - together. All the stuff, all the scheduling, all the planning - its helpful but, it's wasn't the point! What mattered was not what was packed in boxes but what kind of faith we were carrying on the journey. That faith, that deep abiding trust in God's scheduling, in God's perfect timing, in God's bigger plan - is what we discovered matters most.
I know I'm not the only person making a move right now. Some of us have been called by God across the country but for others it's across the ocean, across the cubicle, across the pew or across the aisle. We're all making journeys of faith and when we go, we must be certain that we're carrying what really matters - faith that can withstand the delays and cancellations of life - trusting that the journey is bigger than the destination. This journey is the discovery of faith that was always on board.
We're in this Together,
Pastor Nicole