Second Wind

By Rev. Jevon Caldwell-Gross | 07/13/2018
This week was a whirlwind! As we are wrapping up our first week here at St. Luke's, I am often reminded that God energizes us in the most unexpected ways.
We had come in from a long day of meetings, sound checks and attempts at sermon writing. We were tired to say the least. But as any parent can attest, the hard work begins at home. Our plan was to unwind, relax and maybe catch up on some mindless television. 
Yet, our plans were interrupted and the call to welcome the stranger was immediately upon us. After being at camp for 8 hours, our kids Joshua and Olivia, got their second wind. They barreled through the door as if their names were listed on the lease and introduced us to their new friends from the second floor, Gabrielle, Grace and Grant. We had seen them several times, but only in passing. So we did what so many people had done for us over the years. We made them feel at home. We opened our refrigerator, brought out our best fruit, snacks and popsicles. After a quick tour around the apartment, all the kids crammed onto the balcony to catch their breath and shoot the breeze.
So often life demands our attention through interruptions. When this happens, God often doesn't wait until we are so-called ready or rested. Whether we are called to welcome the stranger, commit to a ministry or even move across the country God has a graceful habit of intervening. It is God's concern for our lives that is displayed through these interruptions. Just imagine, God is holy, yet accessible. God is far, but always near. God is all powerful, but always compassionate. God is capable of anything, but chooses to be actively involved in our lives. While it can sometimes feel exhausting and inconvenient, grace reminds us of a God that continues to show up in our lives. Let's be honest, at some point along this journey we were the stranger, we were the ones devouring some family's snacks, we were someone's inconvenience. Yet they graciously welcomed us and gave us their best without a shred of angst.
When all the kids left to go finish their outside adventures, two glasses were broken, blankets were left on the seats, the fabric was slightly stained and popcorn was everywhere!   But after a long day, Joshua admitted, "Dad, I think I'm starting to really like Indiana." Call me crazy, but it felt like I, too, was getting my second wind.