By Pastor Rob Fuquay | 06/15/2018
I got a kick out of this and thought you would too. Patrice Smith, our Director of Elementary-Age Ministries, shared this email she received this week.
Dear Patrice, 
Ok, here is our situation...We live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and there is a St. Luke's United Methodist Church in our town as well.  I totally 
did not notice that you are located out of state when I signed up my kids 
for your VBS.  After checking with OUR St. Luke's today, I realized my huge mistake!
You might have noticed our absence by now.  The kids were dismayed that they were going to miss the Kona Ice picnic.   I understand if the fee is non-refundable.  Please accept my apologies...
From a very exhausted mom
It's pretty cool when kids in Highlands Ranch, Colorado are sad because they miss our VBS. Now that's a far-reaching influence!
We're all just looking for help aren't we? You don't have to be an exhausted mom to understand that desire. We're looking for help with our kids, our relationships, our careers, our loved ones, etc. And while the Christian faith is not a spiritual penicillin, the church is a place where we should find hope.
The title of this year's Vacation Bible School was Shipwrecked. The themes each day dealt with issues that can leave us feeling 
stranded: loneliness, worry, struggles, failure, and weakness. The hope is knowing that when we are shipwrecked Jesus rescues. The church is a place where we discover that the people in the church are no different from people outside the church. We all share the same experiences in life. Church isn't about being perfect but providing a community of other help-seekers who turn to God, and find that God shows up to comfort and assure us. This help doesn't immediately remove our problems but gives us courage to face our problems knowing we aren't alone and while the present situation may look grim, we can't know the future possibilities to come. All we can do is live by faith.
Our kids have experienced a wonderful taste of what it means to be church this week. We are indebted to our great staff and all the many volunteers who gave their time and energy allowing children to learn the lessons they did this week. 350 kids participated in this year's VBS, one of the largest yet. It is a good sign for the future when greater numbers of children learn and share the love and hope Christ brings. Who knows, maybe one day we will be able to share it with kids in Highlands Ranch!
Enjoy these pictures from the week and I will see you Sunday morning.