Disciple Bible Study

What is Disciple Bible Study?

Disciple-Fast-Track-on-devices.pngThis fall we're re-introducing a transformational small group experience to walk you through the Bible. Our hope is that everyone at St. Luke's would participate in Disciple Bible Study at some point and grow to feel more confident and comfortable in their faith. The power of this study isn't in what you know going in, it's in the space you create for God to speak to you through Scripture.

Disciple 1 is an overview of the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation - this is where we recommend that everyone starts! Disciple 2 covers Genesis, Exodus, Luke and Acts, and Disciple 3 covers the Old Testament Prophets and Paul's Letters. It's a 25 week long journey (the first week is orientation followed by the 24 week course). In the fall (Aug-Nov) you'll spend 12 weeks covering the Old Testament and, in the spring, (Jan-March/April) you'll spend 12 weeks in the New Testament. 

This experience is offered in-person and via Zoom. No matter which way you meet, you'll be using the new Be A Disciple App - that allows people to read or listen to the Bible readings, voice-to-text answers to questions, watch videos and communicate with your small group on your phone, tablet, or computer. Watch here how this app works. The App will be available for purchase on the BeADisciple App website on August 1st for $45. Scholarships are available by contacting Heidi Schopmeyer.

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“It has been such a JOY to be part of the test group for the Disciple 2, and I have to admit my surprise that even though this was a class on Zoom, I think the close personal connections I made through the study actually meant the most. I found I was in the company of people who welcomed my questions of faith and my wrestlings with biblical texts, something new for me with church people. They became my companions to sit within the mysteries of God and allow for all the feelings that can bring - anger at injustice, longing for healing and reconciliation and just awe on holy ground. And when life threw me curve balls, this community of testers and Zoomers held me close, maybe even more so than had we been in person.” ~ Sydney Powell, St. Luke's Member

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