Middle School Invite Night

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Middle School Invite Night

Invite Night is an on-campus event with crazy themes open to 5th-8th graders and their friends in the community. We always have snacks, worship, teaching, and shenanigans all evening long! All Invite Nights are from 6:30-9:30 pm, and begin and end at the Lodge. Events are only $5, but guests are free! Please eat dinner before. Please eat dinner before. We will have light snacks only.

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:   Each student MUST be registered for Invite Night in order to attend. To skip the long line, register and pay right here! We will ALWAYS accept walk-ins, but a parent or a responsible adult must accompany them in, in order to fill out the form for them. If you are a guest, WELCOME! Use discount code GUEST when registering, so that this event costs you nothing.  

February's theme is Winter Carnival. Celebrate Madis Gras weekend with a crazy carnival featuring fun carnival games, delicious carnival food, and AMAZING prizes!

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