Living a Better Life - 6 steps to Beat Depression Without Drugs

Thursday, April 13 6:00 PM (Recurring Event)

Have you been feeling down for the past few weeks? Have you lost interest in doing things you used to enjoy? Do you have less energy? Has your appetite changed? Are you having trouble sleeping or difficulties concentrating. Have you felt sluggish or fidgety? Then this class may be for you.

Living a Better Life is a seven-week class (meeting over an 8 week period) that guides you through the easy-to-follow, highly effective, and clinically proven Therapeutic Lifestyle Change (TLC) program developed by Dr. Stephen Ilardi, Department of Psychology at the University of Kansas. Therapeutic Lifestyle Change emphasizes natural ways to treat depression without medication. As a group, we will rediscover how our bodies were originally made to function and then learn strategies to refocus our attention and actions to better manage the stresses of our modern world that can reduce and even eliminate depression.


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