Lifelong Learners

Sunday at 9:30 AM

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Type: Book Study

Childcare Provided?: Childcare

Class of 50 – 60 year olds, some with children, some empty nesters, couples & singles.

The Passion Play: Living the Story of Christ's Last Days by Rob Fuquay, March 1 - April 5

The Passion Play in Oberammergau, Germany has been presented every 10 years since 1634. Using the play as a backdrop, you will recognize your own place in the story of Christ's last days. Book in Connections bookstore.

Ask: Faith Questions in a Skeptical Age by Adam Hamilton, April 19 - May 31

We live in a skeptical age. People express doubts about the Christian faith. This study addresses hard questions that all of us face when considering faith, religion and the church. Don't let your questions stop you from accepting God's invitation to faith. Engage your doubt, and you may find you are closer to God on the other side. Book in Connections bookstore.


Brad Davidson (Leader)
Mary Davidson (Chaplain)