Living the Faith
Feb 10, 2020  |  Pastor Rob Fuquay

Have you been using your shoe prayers? Each Sunday in this series we have given out prayers to put in just about every type of shoes we wear—work shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, sneakers and work boots. This Sunday we will have prayers to put in our slippers or house shoes. But I digress. We invited people to pray these prayers every time they put on their shoes to be mindful of ways to be an invitational influence on those we encounter. If you have done this, how have you found it? Have these prayers impacted you in any way? Have they motivated you to look for ways to be a more intentional spiritual influence and perhaps even invite new folks to church? If so, I would love to hear your stories. Just email them to me at

Coming out of church last week I got into a conversation with a woman who illustrated the story I used to close the sermon. That story was about a woman waiting in line to worship at Rudy Rasmus’ church in Houston. It was her first Sunday out of prison and she brought her daughter. By the end of the service she made her first profession of faith. When asked why she went there that morning she said, “Because the people in that church had come to her when she was in prison!” 

Not too many minutes later I got into a conversation with a woman who was new to St. Luke’s and wanted to find her way around. I learned she had been at the Dove House, a substance abuse recovery center for women. She remembered me from leading a study at the Dove House last year, but I wasn’t the reason she came to St. Luke’s. She was there because of Lori Chambers and other St. Lukers who regularly serve at the Dove House. The time and attention Lori and others give made a deep impression upon her. Beginning a fresh start, she wanted to come to the place where others helped her know that fresh beginnings through God are possible. 

I’m proud of you St. Luke’s. Keep living the faith!