St. Luke’s administrative committees provide team leadership and advisory oversight for the various areas of the church’s operations, helping to ensure fiscal and operational health. Each of these committees is prescribed by The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church. Committees are comprised of elected laity and staff. Committee members are nominated each fall (by the Lay Leadership Committee) and the slate of nominees for each committee is presented for vote at the annual church charge conference, usually held in early- to mid-December.

The Governing Board is the executive committee of the church, providing long-range strategic leadership, working in tandem with St. Luke’s other administrative committees.

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    2017 Elected Lay Leadership

    Governing Board (chair of each administrative committee, 2 senior staff, church lay leader, and 7 elected lay members; 3-year rotation)

    Chairperson Chris Bultinck
    Lay Leader Steve Harris
    Finance Chair Rob Wineland
    SPRC Chair Pat Burley
    Trustee Chair Steve Lankton
    Senior Pastor Rob Fuquay
    Executive Director, Administration Nancy Lange
    At-Large Members Maria Blake, Rob French, Brad Fuson, Bev Gallagher (Recording Secretary), Curtis Rector, Marsha Reynolds


    Finance Committee (church accountant and treasurer, chair of stewardship, senior staff, and 8 elected lay members; 3-year rotation)

    Chairperson Rob Wineland
    Church Accountant Faina Kleyner
    Chairperson, Stewardship David Cobb
    Church Treasurer Jeff Peek
    Lay Leader Steve Harris
    Senior Pastor Rob Fuquay
    Executive Director, Administration Nancy Lange
    2018 2019 2020
    - Rob Wineland
    - Andrew Summers
    - Bill Christensen
    - Nate Montgomery
    - Andrew Summers
    - Cathy Bonser-Neal
    - David Gard
    - Fiona Wan


    Lay Leadership Committee (senior pastor, church lay leader, and 9 elected lay members; 3-year rotation)

    Chairperson, Senior Pastor Rob Fuquay
    Lay Leader Steve Harris
    2018 2019 2020
    - Barb Branic
    - Joe Loomis
    - Matt Russell
    - Regan Summers
    - Stephanie Eckert
    - Sandra Pirkle
    - Jim Patton, Jr.
    - Ifeoma Morrison       Bugbee
    - Bob Tharp


    Staff-Parish Relations Committee (church lay leader, senior staff, and 9 elected lay members; 3-year rotation)

    Chairperson Pat Burley
    Lay Leader Steve Harris
    Senior Pastor Rob Fuquay
    Executive Director, Administration Nancy Lange
    2018 2019 2020
    - John Baker
    - Jon Schmidtke
    - Dick Tully
    - Pat Burley
    - Lynn Black
    - Missy Copher

    - Emily Frische
    - Heidi Rohloff
    - Ron Sinicki


    Trustees Committee (senior staff, and 9 elected lay members; 3-year rotation)

    Chairperson Steve Lankton
    Executive Director, Administration Nancy Lange
    2018 2019 2020
    - Steve Lankton
    - Jim Keller
    - Gary Chambers
    - Stan Kossack
    - Anne Clark
    - Bob Dillingham
    - Mike Zobel


    Annual Conference Delegates

    - Shanique Edwards
    - Stephen Hoskins
    - Kim Ringham
    - Carol Tully
    - Dick Tully
    - Steve Krusie
    - Kurt Schoch
    - Keith Sims
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    Governing Board

    This “global” operational committee was formed in 2008 to take primary responsibility for St. Luke’s long-range strategic planning. Responsibilities include discernment and guidance of major church initiatives and vision and policy decisions, as well as working in tandem with the other administrative committees of the church.

    In 2013, selected members of the Governing Board formed a Visioning Task Force commissioned to articulate a more specific picture of the future for St. Luke’s. Ultimately, five key directives emerged, providing context and guidance for planning. The five key directives are:

    • Reaching greater numbers of young people
    • Helping people grow in their faith
    • Developing an Outreach and Missions emphasis
    • Involving greater numbers of people in service and church leadership
    • Improving facilities, resources and technology


    Meet the Governing Board Members

    * The senior pastor and executive director of administration also serve on the Governing Board.

    Chris Bultinck, Governing Board ChairChris Bultinck, Chair

    Chris has attended St. Luke’s for 15 years. He is married to Becky and they have two daughters. Chris is a Global Product Director at Eli Lilly. He enjoys playing soccer, running, golf and spending time with family and friends. Chris enjoys using his gifts at St. Luke’s through activities that support families and men. He has served as Family Fellowship chair and as a member of Men’s Ministry; he initiated the Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters book study.

    Maria Blake
    Maria has been at St. Luke’s for many years and has two children and 10 grandchildren. She retired as the Director Communications and Community Relations for the Indianapolis Public Library and now serves as the Chief Operating Officer for the Crooked Creek Food Pantry. She enjoys reading, cooking, entertaining friends and traveling.

    Pat Burley, Chair, SPRC
    Pat is President and CEO of Meridian Investment Advisors, Inc. At St. Luke’s he has served as Chair of the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Campaign and the Building Project and has led a small group on Ethics in Business. Pat currently serves as chair of the Staff Parish Relations Committee. He and his wife Anne have two children and several grandchildren.

    Rob French
    Rob and his wife Sandi have been at St. Luke’s for 37 years. They have three children and five grandchildren. Rob is an engineer and founder of First Construction Consulting, Inc. Rob has served in several capacities at St. Luke’s including leadership at The Garden. His interests are traveling, kayaking, biking, hiking and film-making.

    Brad Fuson
    Brad and his wife Terri have two grown children and have been members of St. Luke's for over 35 years! He is a partner with the law firm Krieg DeVault where he has spent his entire career.  Brad also serves on the Boards of other local foundations and committees.  During his limited free time, Brad enjoys traveling, trap shooting, cycling and golf.

    Bev Gallagher, Recording Secretary
    Bev and her family (husband Tim and three children) joined St. Luke’s nearly 25 years ago. She has been active with Youth Ministry, hospitality, and small group leadership. Bev is a spiritual director; she enjoys reading, gardening, and trying to keep up with her six grandchildren.

    Steve Lankton, Chair, Trustees
    Steve has been at St. Luke’s for more than 30 years. He is married to LeeAnn and they have one daughter. Steve is president of Charles C. Brandt Construction. He enjoys photography. Steve is currently chair of the Trustees.

    Curtis Rector
    Curtis and his family (wife April and their three children) have been active at St. Luke’s for more than 30 years. He is founder and president of Arbor/Silverthorne Homes. Curtis loves to snow ski, golf, boat and run. He enjoys St. Luke’s outreach efforts with Habitat for Humanity.

    Marsha Reynolds
    Marsha has been at St. Luke’s with her husband Tom for 18 years. She has three children and seven grandchildren. She is retired after 40 years in education, most recently serving as Director of Elementary Education for Washington Township Metropolitan School District. Marsha enjoys traveling, spending time with her grandchildren, and consulting.

    Rob Wineland, Chair, Finance Committee
    Rob has been at St. Luke’s for 30 years; he and his wife Cathi were married at St. Luke’s. Rob has three children. He is an entrepreneur with a cell tower construction business. Rob enjoys following the Pittsburgh Pirates and playing golf. Rob serves as chair of the Finance Committee.

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    Finance Committee

    (Reports to the Governing Board)

    The goal of the Finance Committee is to oversee the financial health of the church. It funds the ministries of St. Luke’s through a system that raises, manages and disperses funds to help realize the mission and vision of the church. The committee works closely with church staff who develop and monitor the annual budget; the committee also collaborates with the stewardship committee, which monitors and tracks pledges made toward the annual budget.

    Committee members receive monthly reports including balance statements and analysis from the staff accountant. Members must be able to read statement and have a general understanding of budgeting principals.


    Meet the Finance Committee Members

    * The church accountant and executive director of administration also serve on the Finance Committee.

    Rob Wineland, Chair

    Rob has attended St. Luke's since 1984 and became a member in 1988. His wife, Cathi and daughters Abbie and Allie are also active members. Rob is the Director of Warehouse Operations for Langham Logistics. He has been a member of the Finance Committee for the past eight years. Rob is a member of the Governing Board and a parking lot usher.

    Cathy Bonser-Neal
    Cathy and her husband Rob Neal have been members of St Luke’s for the past six years. They have two grown children (Matt and Meagan) who live outside Indiana. Cathy has been involved with St. Luke’s Outreach Committee and she serves as the relationship manager for the St. Luke’s - East Tenth Street United Methodist Children and Youth Center Outreach partnership. Cathy is also a full-time Finance Professor in the Kelley School of Business, Indianapolis, where she teaches finance to MBA and undergraduate students. This is her first year serving on the Finance Committee, and she is excited about the opportunity to put her love of finance to work on the Committee.

    Bill Christensen
    Bill and his wife Karen have been members of St. Luke’s since 1995. They have two children, Cara and Andy, who are in college. Bill has been a member of the Finance committee for one year; prior to that he served on the Youth Ministry Task Force. Bill works in finance at Indiana Architectural Plywood.

    David Cobb
    David has been a member of St. Luke’s since 1986; he was married to Sara in 1986 in Robertson Chapel. Their daughter Caroline is active in children's ministry. Their other two children live in Nashville and Chicago. Bill has served as chair of Stewardship the past four years, and thus represents stewardship on the finance committee. After 35 years at Eli Lilly and Company in various sales, marketing, finance, and leadership roles, he retired in January 2017. He continues volunteer work with the Boy Scouts of America, and is currently serving at the Crossroads of America Council as Training Chair.

    David Gard
    David has been a member of St. Luke's for the past six years. He recently joined the Finance Committee after having previously served on the Outreach Commission, participated on a mission trip to Haiti, and led a men's discussion group (Theology Unplugged). David is Assistant Vice President for Economic Development at Indiana University. He is an IU alum with both MBA and BS degrees from the Kelley School of Business. A lifelong Methodist and native Hoosier (Greenfield), David is single, enjoys residing in Butler-Tarkington, and being an uncle to his two nieces.

    Nate Montgomery
    Nate has been a St. Luke's member for the past 13 years and has served in Children's and Youth ministry, read scripture in service, and helped Outreach get Crooked Creek Food Pantry started. His wife Paula and their two boys, Noah and Tobin, are also very active at church. Nate travels during the week as an airline pilot for Republic Airlines, and is in his fifth year on the Finance Committee. He joined the committee after a blurb in the bulletin looking for interested people to join committees.

    Jeffrey Peek, Church Treasurer
    Jeff, a CPA and attorney, has been a member of St. Luke's for 37 years. His wife Debra and children, Laura and Steven, have all enjoyed quenching their spiritual thirst at 100 West 86th. Jeff started as a member of the St. Luke's Finance Committee and has enjoyed the variety of viewpoints of Finance Committee members over the past three decades. Since completing his tenure as Chair of Finance, Jeff has continued to serve as Church Treasurer.

    Andrew Summers
    Andrew has been attending St. Luke's since 1999. His service to the church has been with children and youth, especially as a large group leader. His wife Regan and their sons, Peter and Henry, are active with United Methodist Women and children's music, respectively. Andrew is a wealth advisor at Charles Schwab, and is in his second year on the Finance Committee.

    Fiona Wan
    Fiona is a tax professional specializing in federal and state tax compliance with the Indianapolis office of the global financial services firm KPMG. Fiona has been a member of St. Luke's since 2015. She serves as an usher and as a member of the New Here Leadership Team, and also co-leads the St. Luke's Young Adults Downtown Small Group. Fiona has been on the Finance Committee for over a year, and she is grateful to her friend for letting her know there was an opportunity to serve on the Committee.

    Trent Wood 
    Trent and his wife Natalie joined St. Luke’s in 2012 and they are welcoming their first child, a daughter, at the end of 2018. Trent serves as an usher, is on the leadership team with St. Luke’s Men, leads a small group and enjoys playing on the Softball team. Trent is a residential Realtor, helping clients buy and sell real estate. He majored in economics at DePauw University and loves numbers.
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    Lay Leadership Committee

    (Reports to the Governing Board)

    The Lay Leadership Committee oversees the identification and development of leaders at St. Luke’s. The committee nominates candidates for leadership in the church to fill all openings on administrative committees, which include Trustees, Finance, Staff-Parish Relations, and Lay Leadership, as well as the lay member delegates to Annual Conference. The committee is familiar with the responsibilities for each leadership position and seeks to match potential leaders with specific opportunities/openings. Names are submitted for approval at the annual Charge Conference, which usually takes place the beginning of December.

    We seek persons who live out their vows of membership to “support St. Luke’s with their prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness,” while also representing the diversity of our congregation. The committee’s aim is to discern God’s leading with special consideration given to the following leadership criteria:

    • Understanding of and commitment to the mission and vision of St. Luke’s UMC
    • Support of St. Luke’s through active participation and gifts
    • Ability to attend meetings and willingness to carry out tasks
    • Demonstrate by example spiritual maturity and discipleship to Jesus Christ


    Meet the Lay Leadership Committee Members

    * The senior pastor serves as the Committee chair and the elected Lay Leader of St. Luke’s serves as vice chair.

    Sara Cobb, Lay Leader and Vice-Chair

    Sara and her husband David were married at St. Luke’s. Their oldest daughter, Caroline, was baptized at St. Luke’s. Sara is celebrating a 20-year calling at Lilly Endowment. The Cobb family loves St. Luke’s and takes great pride in our open community of Christians spreading MORE of God’s love to all.

    Barbara Branic
    Barbara and her husband Mike have been members of St. Luke’s since their adult children first sang in the Genesis choir as preschoolers. Barbara retired nine years ago after a career in banking and Mike retired five years ago as a small business owner. She has served on the Finance and Staff-Parish Relations committees and various Outreach ministries over the years.

    Stephanie Eckert
    Stephanie and her husband Bill have been attending St. Luke’s for 12 years and genuinely appreciate the church’s commitment to being an open, welcoming community of faith. In addition to serving on Lay Leadership, she has enjoyed serving in other Outreach areas, including volunteering with the Crooked Creek Food Pantry. Prior to retiring, Stephanie was employed for 22 years as the Marketing Director at BHI Senior Living.

    Joe Loomis
    Eight years ago, Joe retired from a 40-year career as a high school principal. Since then, he has been assisting with funerals held at St. Luke’s and serving on Lay Leadership. Joe has been a St. Luke’s member for about 20 years. He is also a CASA, a court appointed advocate for abused and neglected children. Joe and his wife Susan have four adult children and six grandchildren who all live out of state and keep them traveling the country.

    Jim Patton, Jr.
    Jim and his wife Jennifer started attending St. Luke’s in 2008. They have two adult daughters, Brooklyn and Chelsea. Jim is an Account Executive with GP Strategies. He enjoyed leading a small group during the Lenten season.

    Sandra Pirkle
    After retirement as an elementary school principal, Sandra and her husband Mike moved back to Indianapolis to be closer to their two sons and their families. Sandra has served as Chair for Sarah Circle, President of UMW and its many outreach activities, helped with child care and Summer Splash, assisted with the Half-the Sky Project and funeral dinners, attended Bible studies and small groups, was a delegate at the United Methodist Annual Conference, and serves as a greeter every few months. She feels blessed by her many experiences at St. Luke’s.

    Matt Russell
    Matt is the father of six children, grandfather of four and husband of Nan Schulte. Matt and Nan were married at St. Luke’s Robertson Chapel in 2009. He is involved in several ministries at St. Luke’s, but is called to serve in hospitality.

    Regan Summers
    Regan and her husband Andrew joined the church in 1999. They have two boys who enjoy participating in St. Luke’s children’s music program. Regan is a former kindergarten teacher, a current elementary substitute teacher, and stay home mom. She is passionately involved in the United Methodist Women. It’s important to her that her church is open to all people. She is proud to be a part of St. Luke’s.

    Bob Tharp
    Bob and his wife Jane joined St. Luke’s in 1967. They have volunteered for and served on numerous committees, which have each enhanced their relationship with, and brought them closer to God. This has encouraged and broadened them spiritually, while whetting their appetite for reading scripture, following Jesus’ teaching and joining small groups. Serving on Lay Leadership gives Bob a chance to encourage others at St. Luke’s to enjoy the opportunities he and Jane have had.

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    Staff-Parish Relations Committee

    (Reports to the Governing Board)

    The Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) helps build strong relations between the staff and the congregation by advocating for a healthy work environment and establishing employee policies, procedures, and benefits.

    Specifically, the SPRC:

    • Encourages and supports the pastors, staff and their families. Discussions include the personnel conditions and issues that affect the congregation’s total ministry, including healthy life-work balance. It helps the staff set priorities.
    • Recommends needed staff positions and develops and approves written job descriptions and titles for staff.
      Recommends compensation, travel, housing, benefits and other financial matters.
    • Recommends a written statement of policy and procedures for hiring, evaluating, promoting, retiring, and dismissing staff members who are not subject to episcopal appointment.
    • Meets with the district superintendent in an advisory capacity related to clergy leadership selection.
    • Provides an annual evaluation of the Senior Pastor and Executive Director for ongoing effective ministry.
    • Enlists, evaluates, and annually recommends candidates for professional ministry to the charge conference.

    Individuals best suited to this committee will have one or more of the following spiritual gifts: encouragement, wisdom, discernment, administration, shepherding, helping, servanthood and leadership.

    Experience in one or more of the following areas is helpful: human relations, personnel management, organizational administration, communications, and law. Ideal lay member candidates will have demonstrated these gifts and skills in other roles in the church, prior to their assignment on SPRC.


    Meet the Staff-Parish Relations Committee Members

    * The senior pastor and the executive director of administration also serve on this committee.

    Pat Burley, Chair

    Pat is President and CEO of Meridian Investment Advisors, Inc. At St. Luke’s he has served as Chair of the Finance Committee, the Stewardship Campaign and the Building Project, and has led a small group on Ethics in Business. Pat and his wife have been members of St. Luke’s for nearly 25 years.

    John Baker
    John is the longest-serving Judge in the Indiana Court of Appeals. In addition to serving on SPRC, he is currently on the Board of Trustees for Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary and on the Board of Ordained Ministry. He has also served on the Administrative Board for First United Methodist Church in Bloomington, IN.

    Lynn Black
    Lynn is President of Lynn Black Education Solutions, LLC, which focuses on School Leadership and Board Training and Development. At St. Luke’s, he has hosted the World Religions Sunday School class, in addition to ushering and participation in work projects, such as Habitat for Humanity.

    Missy Copher
    Missy is the Gift Planning Director for the American Red Cross. At St. Luke’s, she taught Sunday School for five years and is a small group leader for Youth Confirmation. She has also served on the Endowment and Stewardship Committee.

    Emily Frische
    Emily is the Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Client Relations at Bethany Fellows. In addition to SPRC, she has been active in leadership on the Youth Ministry Commission.

    Jon Schmidke
    Jon is retired from Eli Lilly and Company, after a long and successful career in Project Management. Jon is a founding member of the New Here Team Ministry at St. Luke’s, serves as a Fellowship Friend and is on the Board of Ordained Ministry. Jon has also served on the SPRC at Carmel UMC and at Central UMC in Traverse City, MI.

    Dick Tully
    Dick is retired from Ivy Tech Community College after 30 years of service in Facilities Planning. At St Luke's, he has served on the Finance Committee, the Chancel Choir Council and the New Service Task Force. Currently he serves on the Worship and Arts Commission and is a lay delegate to the Annual Conference. Dick and his wife Carol sing in the Chancel Choir.


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    Board of Trustees

    (Reports to the Governing Board)

    The Trustees are responsible for helping the church run effectively by providing a secure environment for worship and the work of ministries. The Trustees oversee, maintain and supervise our church building and property. The Trustees work in conjunction with the senior pastor and executive director to assure that adequate insurance and risk management policies are in place and that the annual operating budget includes sufficient support for property maintenance and improvements.

    Trustees benefit from having one or more of these spiritual gifts: servanthood, helping, discernment, leadership, administration, and giving. Useful knowledge and skills for committee members are: knowledge of property and asset management, ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages, and the ability to work with other ministry leaders.


    Meet the Trustees Committee Members

    * The executive director of administration also serves on the Board of Trustees.

    Steve Lankton, Chair

    Steve has been at St. Luke’s for more than 30 years. He is married to LeeAnn and they have one adult daughter. Steve is president of Charles C. Brandt Construction. He enjoys photography.

    Gary Chambers
    Gary has been a member of St. Luke’s for over 35 years. He has led classes and served on various committees over the years. He has been married to Lori for seven years, and together they have four children and six grandchildren. Gary is a semi-retired civil engineer who enjoys traveling, photography and sailing.

    Anne Clark
    Anne has been a member of St. Luke's for 45 years. She has been married to Greg for 40 years; they have two grown sons, Brandon and Cameron. Anne is a pediatric ophthalmologist and mentor in the Real Business Experience at Butler University. She enjoys reading, traveling, running and Butler Basketball! Anne and Greg have enjoyed the small groups at St. Luke's by participatinginLenten groups and leading Disciple classes. They also love the contemporary services in Robertson Chapel that offer anew to way to experience God at work in St. Luke’s.

    Bob Dillingham
    Bob has been at St. Luke's for eight years. He has been married for 49 years to Dorcas. Retiring from Lilly in 2008, Bob's interests include being a Boiler sports fan, golf, gardening and grandchildren. He coordinates St. Luke's effort of housing homeless families through Family Promise.


    Jim Keller
    Jim and his wife Elizabeth have been members of St. Luke’s for 22 years. They have five children and seven grandchildren in their combined families. Jim worked as a carpenter in the commercial building trades throughout his career. Close to the end of his career, he formed his own commercial maintenance company working primarily for a Midwest grocery chain. Since retirement, he continues to use his carpentry skills working for various charities. When he is not volunteering, he enjoys playing golf.

    Stanley Kossack
    Stan and his wife Nancy have been members at St Luke's for six years. They have been married for 48 years and have four grown children and 12 grandchildren. Stan is retired from MCL Cafeterias where he was Director of Engineering, responsible for facility maintenance and repairs, as well as kitchen designs and construction supervision of new cafeterias. His interests are woodworking, gardening and reading. Stan and Nancy feel blessed to be a part of this congregation where members can be the hands and feet of Christ in all outreach programs, both local and in the world.


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    Annual Conference Delegates

    Lay delegates represent St. Luke’s, along with our pastors, at legislative sessions of the Indiana Annual Conference. During the annual conference, a variety of proposals are considered on issues and policies that impact United Methodist churches in the Indiana conference.

    The 2017 conference was held Thursday, June 8 - Saturday, June 10, 2017, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

    Meet the Annual Conference Delegates

    *Sara Cobb ( ) is chair of the Lay Leadership Committee, which nominates Annual Conference Delegates.

    Shanique Edwards
    Stephen Hoskins
    Kim Ringham
    Carol Tully
    Dick Tully

    Alternates, should the elected delegates be unable to attend, are:
    Steve Krusie
    Kurt Schoch
    Keith Sims