Good Friday and...

Before sharing today's devotion, let me ask you about Sunday. Who have you invited to join you in worship? This is such a meaningful time to invite guests. So many in our world yearn for what the church can be and get turned off by what it...

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Palms to Ashes to Palms Again

You might not realize it, but if you attended Ash Wednesday services then you started the season of Lent with palm branches. The ashes come from the burned palm fronds waved on Palm Sunday. Lent begins and ends with palm branches.   John...

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Church Update

Yesterday I attended a representative gathering of bishops, agency heads, and pastors from around the country who met in Atlanta. Adam Hamilton, pastor of Church of the Resurrection UMC in KC, helped to convene the event whose purpose was to...

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The Goal of our Lenten Series?

Every series we plan for worship we have some hoped-for outcomes, things we pray God might do in people's lives as a result of being in worship during those weeks. It was pretty simple for this series. Our hope was that we would all be...

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There's Open and There's Open

While the decisions at last month's General Conference in St. Louis were regrettable, there is one thing I don't regret and that is the way our church has responded. I have received close to a hundred messages from St. Luke's members and...

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Everyday Missionaries

There is a story about Dr. Gordon Targerson, a Baptist pastor in Worcester, Massachusetts, who some years ago was crossing the Atlantic by ship. He noticed several days in a row a man in a deck chair reading the Bible. One day he sat beside him...

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Come and See

If you didn't read today's "Daily Recharge," there was a line toward the end that paused me. After mentioning that our journey through John this Lent is to help us grow closer to Jesus, it then said, "We may be tempted to retreat and keep a...

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Response to Special General Conference

Please click on his photo below to view Pastor Rob's video devotion, in response to the recent Special General Conference in St. Louis.  

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Civility in the Highest

In honor of President's Day this past week let me share a great presidential story. Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of War was a man named Edwin Stanton who was known to be bull-headed, opinionated and rude. He was not well liked by many peers and...

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Love Always Wins

Theologian and Presbyterian pastor, Francis Schaeffer, tells about a time during World War II when Hitler commanded all religious groups to unite so that he could control them. Among the Brethren assemblies, half complied and half refused. Those...

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