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Valentine's Day? Fake news!
February 14, 2020  |  Pastor Rob Fuquay

C.S. Lewis wrote a little book called The Four Loves. In it he explores the different meanings of Christian love. What we keep repeating in our English translations as “love” is actually four different words in Greek in the original New Testament. There is storge (pronounce store-gay) which has to do with family love. The next is eros, from which we get the word “erotic.” As you might guess it deals with romantic love. Physical...

February 10, 2020
Living the Faith
Pastor Rob Fuquay
January 31, 2020
Discipleship and Scouting
Pastor Rob Fuquay
January 24, 2020
Pastor Rob Fuquay
January 17, 2020
Pastor Rob Fuquay
January 13, 2020
What's Ahead for the United Methodist Church?
Pastor Rob Fuquay
January 3, 2020
Jesus' Epiphany and Ours
Pastor Rob Fuquay
December 20, 2019
Christ In You
Pastor Rob Fuquay
December 6, 2019
Seeking Christmas
Pastor Rob Fuquay
November 29, 2019
Unearthing Christmas
Pastor Rob Fuquay