Important Update On General Conference

March 10, 2022

The Commission on General Conference, a group assigned by the last scheduled General Conference (2016) tasked with all matters related to logistics for the next GC, has announced their decision to postpone General Conference until 2024. You can read that announcement here. While this is terribly disappointing, it looks to have initiated a move of the conservative wing of the denomination to break away prior to the next General Conference. You can read a news release issued last evening by this group which came out immediately following the commission's announcement here.

What does this mean? For those remaining in the United Methodist Church, it means we still need a GC to overturn the exclusive, condemnatory language in our Book of Discipline regarding LGBTQ+ persons, an act that will be much more likely with the departure of traditionalists who have sought to protect that language. St. Luke's will remain an open, inclusive, affirming congregation that seeks to help our UMC become more welcoming and affirming. Our Governing Board is assigning a group to work on our response to this announcement. We will continue sharing updates as we receive them and make changes.

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