The Best Father's Day Gift

June 16, 2023 • Rev. Rob Fuquay

Not everyone celebrates a father who loved them making this holiday a mixed bag for lots of people. For some people Father's Day can conjure sad or indifferent memories of men who didn't leave much to cherish. But in some cases, we do have something we received from our dads worth hanging onto and appreciating. And for some people, there is a lot to cherish. Here's a great story of one person who found in a difficult moment what his father left him that couldn't be taken away.

In a Reader's Digest article Dave Wallechensky tells a story about the great American runner, Carl Lewis. At his father's funeral Lewis put his gold medal he won in the 1984 Olympics in his father's hand. He told his surprised mother, "It's okay. I'll get another one."

One year later he was in the 100-meter finals of the 1988 Olympics running against the world record holder, Ben Johnson. Half through Johnson was five feet ahead, but Lewis was confident he could catch him. However, with just a few yards remaining he was still five feet behind. Lewis didn't have any more to give and thought, "It's over, dad."

Johnson crossed the line first and looking back at Lewis raised his arm with index finger pointing. Lewis saw his bulging muscles and yellow-tinged eyes, signs of steroid use. Lewis thought, "I didn't win the medal but I could still give to my father by acting with integrity and class." That's the behavior and example his dad left him. So Lewis shook Johnson's hand and exited, but then learned that Johnson had been stripped of the medal because he tested positive for doping. Lewis ended up receiving the gold medal, a replacement for the one he gave his father.

What did your dad leave you for which you are grateful? Maybe you can tell him. If you can't, then tell God, and ask to pass the message along!

God bless,


Rev. Rob Fuquay